Hands-on at Hannover Fair 2016: Interactive assistive system supports workers in assembly process

25 April, 2016

Bielefeld University presents an assistance system for industrial production at the Hannover Fair. The system projects context-sensitive visual information about assembly steps required for a specific product into the field of view of the worker and allows for intuitive touch-based interaction resulting in increased efficiency, process safety and product quality. Workers may easily provide interactive feedback with the system on the assembly process itself and other aspects such as the quality of the required materials.  The system is on display from 25th to 29th April at the booth of Bielefeld University in hall 16, booth A04. The CoR-Lab presentation is part of the leading-edge cluster it's OWL (Intelligent technical systems in East-Westphalia and Lippe).



Svenja Schulze (in the middle), Minister for Innovation, Science and Research in North-Rhine Westphalia, visiting the CoR-Lab presentation at Hannover Fair 2016 accompanied by Dr. Carola Haumann and Michael Wojtynek.